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HT-MWD -088 Well Construction report

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Well 088?is a conventional horizontal well, assume the task by National Drilling Company --33?Drilling Crew, Beijing HTWB Petroleum technology co., LTD?assume the directional drilling jobs and MWD (GR) measurement services.

Design KOP point depth is 2300m of?8-1/2 "section,design well depth is 2691m, the hole section?is 391m.Run in hole On October 24th, 2015, drilling finish time at 12 o'clock on October 31th,2015, the entire instrument decoding rate is 100% with trouble-free, Complete the drilling job in one trip?at this section.

Maximum design angle building hole rate is 6°/30m,in fact the maximum angle building hole rate is 7.6°/30m,well depth is 2395m.

Using Conventional drilling assembly on construction,drilling tool inversion in favor of add weight on bit to improve the drilling time.

Tool Assembly

AZNS-088 Track Design

Construction Process

Wiper trip every 200m in the drilling process,till 12 o’clock wiper trip again after drilling finish.pull out smoothly.tight trip when going down to the depth of 2550m,then still tight trip after pump circulation.trying to going down keep the 20RPM,things are looking up at the depth of 2720m,then start large circulation when the tools right to the bottom.

After Hours circulation,vibrating screen appear a large number of cement, mud engineer decided to raise the proportion of mud to alleviate the cement. Mud engineer Increase the mud weight from 78 PCF to 82PCF lead to cement reduction,meanwhile decided to pull out.pull out at casing cycle decided to going ?down to determine whether the hole is smooth, but still tight trip between the Angle of inclination 55 ° to 70 °, suggest cycle redressing drilling.

There are still a lot of concrete after circulation, determine the reason is 95/8 "casing annular cementing quality is unqualified,concrete fell to the bottom after mud covered, make inclination 55 ° to 70 ° blocking, can not continue the tail pipe work.After wiper?trip 3 times and several times bottom circulation there are still a small amount of cement appearance , the drilling crew decided to pull out to wellhead waiting for countermeasure.

On November 3, 2015 after drilling tools pull out to wellhead,the drilling crew decided to implement operation, to ensure smooth borehole for tail pipe homework later. November 5th to November 9th, drill down to the bottom circulating and wiper trip for 3 times, down-hole?cement decreased significantly. Drilling crew decided to start tail pipe operation.tail pipe operation completed, 8 1/2 well end smoothly?on ?November 10th.

?Throughout well 088?We have done well prepared,We did very good job on trajectory control and operation process,appropriate measures in the process of drilling with fast drilling speed.

In the process of?the operation, a large number of well cementing cement lead to borehole?blocking, driller cannot solve effectively,our engineers gave many positive?suggestions,24 hours on duty, looking for solutions with captain and driller together,by adjusting the pump pressure, drilling pressure, torque,GPM etc, totally lasted four days, finally drilling down to the end, and ensure that the casing running smoothly.